Sleep is Key for Weight Management

Sleep could be the #1 key to weight management. Many of my clients tell me that one of their biggest challenges is getting a good night’s rest. Generally, they find themselves hungrier the next day after a short night. You may have heard of the compelling research that links sleep deprivation to weight issues, hormone challenges and diabetes. I thought you might find these tips helpful.

6 Tips to Help You Sleep Like a BabySleeping Baby

1. When it comes to eating, watch your late-night eating habits. Try to avoid going to bed on a full stomach or alternatively completely hungry. A full stomach takes away from the restful relaxation and regeneration of the body, while an empty one can become physically uncomfortable as well.

For some people, a snack before bed can make a big difference. I know that shatters the myth that you should never eat after 7 in the evening. Hey, we are all different and you might like to give this a try because there is good science to back it up. For some people who don’t eat a snack before bed, their blood sugar crashes and results in a poor night’s rest. But be careful here. I am not suggesting cookies and ice cream before you hit the sack.

Having a satisfied belly will help you fall asleep and stay asleep but the quality of the foods you eat make a big difference. You want to shoot for some fat and carbohydrate in your snack. Good suggestions include an apple and almond butter, carrots and guacamole, berries and a small amount of heavy cream or Chia Seed Pudding.

2. Avoid using the phone, your laptop and watching TV by 8 PM each night or 2 hours prior to bed to reduce exposure to blue light. Blue light suppresses the body’s production of melatonin which disrupts your sleep cycle. Scientists say that melatonin plays an important role in the circadian rhythm sleep-wake cycle.

You might consider replacing some of your lighting with amber light bulbs. These lights mimic the light at sunset which helps to balance our circadian rhythms which easily get out of balance in the modern world we live in.

Also, make sure your bedroom is as dark as can be. Even if you need to use black out curtains and a sleep mask.

3. Exercise a little more during the day. It helps the body relax as well as sleep deeper and sounder at night. Be careful to avoid exercising too late in the day for that will increase adrenaline making it more difficult to fall asleep. If you know yoga, try to do some forward bending poses before bed. It helps to calm your nervous system.

4. Be careful of your alcohol consumption. Even one glass of wine can disturb sleep. Alcohol decreases REM sleep and delta sleep which is very deep sleep.

5. If you are having problems relaxing and falling asleep at night, try one or several of these essential oils on your skin or in an essential oil room diffuser Some of the best essential oils to help you relax, and sleep are the following:

Roman Chamomile

Try developing a pampering routine before bed each evening. I like to rub the oil all over the bottom of my feet where our biggest pores are found because it helps with absorption. While you are focused on your feet, spend some time on your big toe. According to reflexology, the big toe corresponds to your brain. Just lightly squeeze the big toe.Then move up to the bottom of your spine and the back of the neck. Finish with deeply inhaling the oil that is left on your hands a minimum of 3 times.

I like to use doTerra oils because my research on the company showed that the company is committed to bringing a new therapeutic quality standard into the mainstream through their Certified Therapeutic Grade (CTPG) program. This involves extremely high-quality standards, excellent sourcing programs and innovation. If you are interested in hearing more about oils, contact me.

To order oils directly go to Click on Shop, Start Shopping and you can use the Search box to easily add items to your cart. When done, Click Go To Cart and complete the checkout.

6. A good night’s rest is often a byproduct of balanced hormones. One quick tip is to shoot for adequate amounts of protein, fiber and fat in your meals. You can find a great smoothie recipe to help you get what you need: Hormone Balancing Berry Smoothie.

Sleep well! It helps in so many ways.