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 Are you experiencing low energy, aches and pains, or difficulty concentrating?
Are you feeling old or is your health starting to fray around the edges?
Do you have irritating menopause symptoms?
Are you overweight despite dieting and exercise?
Are you taking too many medications with unwanted side effects?
Ruth Clark Nutritionist NH
Ruth Clark, RD, MPH

If you are experiencing any or all of these issues I can help.  I work with clients like you who understand that the one size fits all approach to good health just doesn’t work.  No two individuals are alike.  I take the time to evaluate your lifestyle and preferences so we can take them into consideration when planning the best program for you.

There is so much confusing information about how and what to eat. Some say follow Paleo; others say Vegan; some still say only calories count. I say, let’s find what its right for YOU.  And with our busy crazy lifestyles, it sometimes feels impossible to make the changes that will create better health.

Food is medicine.  And you have more control over your health and aging than you think.  My programs are designed to be practical, customized and easy to understand for you and your family.

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Balance Your Hormones

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“I started with a cleanse and have gone on to lose pounds with Ruth’s guidance. But more importantly, my cholesterol dropped 43 points and my triglycerides 217 points. Also, my bad cholesterol dropped and my ratio of good to total is kissing normal. My doctor said, “This is amazing! Keep up the good work!”

— EC, Corporate VP


Why would you need a nutritionist?

Why would you need a nutritionist?

Weight loss and maintenance — Weight loss resistance — Hormone imbalance — Cleanse and detox — Cholesterol — Blood Pressure — Diabetes — Thyroid Gut issues — Food sensitivities — Corporate Wellness — Healthy eating


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