New Years Resolution: Don’t Resolve to Diet to Lose Weight

Have you made a resolution to lose weight this year through dieting?   One in three Americans resolve to improve health by dieting to lose weight but that doesn’t mean it works.  Most of us have fallen off the wagon already.

According to US News and World Report, a whopping 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail.

When it comes to dieting you may know that 95% of diets fail long term.  That’s because it’s impossible to follow a diet over the long run.  It’s well-known that  diets are based on deprivation and they lead to weight gain, binge eating and even eating disorders.

Even worse, yo yo dieting and weight cycling are linked to  diabetes, hypertension, insulin resistance and mortality.  This on again, off again approach causes more harm than good.

This is the year to start thinking outside of the box  when it comes to resolutions.  Doesn’t it make sense to start paying better attention to what your body needs and make a resolution to take the very best care of yourself?

Strategies to improve your resolution

Instead of resolving to lose 15 pounds by the first day of spring, why not make a commitment to grocery shop weekly?woman on beach  That way you have the foods you need for healthy snacks and meals.

How about learning to cook some easy meals in minutes so you can stay home and create great meals? This will also save you money by not going out to eat so often.

Why not consider a fun and productive activity like hiking or snow shoeing that helps to manage your stress?     Managing stress has a very positive effect on your waistline.

Maybe it would be better for you consider organizing your commitments and stress.  This way you can find time to take better care of yourself.

When you practice these kind of  activities it can bring you closer to your goal instead of pushing you further away.  This may be the year to consider self love and loving kindness as a means of helping you to reach your goals, instead of judgement.

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