Nutrition for Postmenopausal Vitality


Estrogen is the hormone that most defines you as a woman. It gives you curves. It also builds and maintains the structure of our sex organs and regulates the menstrual cycle. Just as important, it protects our hearts, bones, brains and eyes. Estrogen also helps to keep our cholesterol levels down and plays a role […]

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Boost Your Stress Resilience with these Special Herbs (Adaptogens)

Most of my midlife female clients are challenged with high cortisol levels. It’s a side effect of living in the modern-turned-on-all-the-time world. With the stress of work and relationships, cell phones always ringing and dinging, family pressures, and the constancy of the internet and social media, we never get a break. You may be experiencing […]

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Healing Your Adrenal Glands – The “Emergency Gland”

Pity the poor little Adrenal Glands (aka the “Emergency Gland”). Look what they have to deal with:

The most common hormone imbalance that I see in my practice is cortisol. This is because your adrenals are constantly trying to respond to stress and perceived threats by secreting cortisol and other substances to help you cope. The […]

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